Authentic Mexican Recipes From Our Family to Yours


Dos Chiles, LLC is a collaborative effort of Saúl and Lisa Escalante-Ortiz. After many years of catering their family parties, they realized what enjoyment it brought to them and the family, to share Saúl’s culture and the love of authentic Mexican food.

Chef Lisa has been cooking ethnic food for over twelve years. Being born and raised in Green Bay, she has a very diverse heritage: Russian, Scandinavian and Western European. Chef Lisa had always been interested in Hispanic food, but really understood the culture after she married Saúl sixteen years ago.

Her passion for food and dedication to the culture drove her to start her own catering business. She believes that her cooking is also a wonderful way of educating people about different cultures and regions. Lisa also thinks that food is a form of both ancient and modern art. She is drawn to the traditional Mexican cooking tradition and also in the new Mexican cuisine: old ingredients with eclectic flavors.

She holds a double major in business and marketing from Lakeland College and is also a founder and partner of Dos Chiles, LLC. She continues her education as a chef for Mexican food while traveling extensively throughout Mexico, and also by learning the secrets of great Mexican cooking from her family in Mexico.

Saúl is originally from Mexico City but has settled in Green Bay twenty years ago.

Coming from a small family in which food is a very important aspect in life, he became involved in showing people his cultural heritage through food. He is the co-founder and partner of Dos Chiles, LLC and enjoys teaching people how food enriches their lives.

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering and is still learning about great Mexican cooking. Saúl interests are mainly focused in the traditional cuisine, new Mexican cuisine and the art of tequila.