Authentic Mexican Recipes From Our Family to Yours


Main Entree


These deep fried, crispy corn shells from south of the border are layered with beans and the meat of your choice (chicken, chorizo or pork). We top them with the traditional fixings of salsa, sour cream and cheese. Possibly the most popular!


Turnovers filled with a variety of choices. Depending on size, can be an appetizer or entree. Wrapped in our flaky, made from scratch dough. Very POPULAR!

Picadillo Empanada

Made from ground beef, tomatoes and regional ingredients. We refer to them as The Mexican "sloppy joe".

Papas y Chorizo Empanadas

Specialty Mexican sausage (chorizo) mixed with roasted baby red potatoes.

Tinga Empanada

Tinga is a slow roasted shredded chicken with smokey chipotle and tomato sauce. The tinga is then wrapped in out empanada dough.


Flauta meaning "Flute" in Spanish, are crispy rolled corn tortillas stuffed with shredded chicken and flavored with a blend of spices, then topped with salsa, sour cream and cheese. Perfect accompaniment to your meal!


Our Tamales are "Excelente" ( we're sure your going to like these) wrapped in a made from scratch corn dough. Your choice of chicken coated in out Verde sauce or fresh Pineapple (Olivia's Favorite) and steamed to perfection.

Chicken Verde Tamales

Juicy, slow roasted shredded chicken in our Salsa Verde! Yum!

Fresh Pineapple Tamales

Albondigas en Salsa de Almendra

Meatballs slow cooked in a light white wine and almond sauce. We add a zing with a combination of our own spices! Muy Bueno!

Tostadas de Tinga de Pollo

One of our most popular entree's! Our shredded chicken is slow roasted in tomato sauce and smokey chipotles, then served on a warm tostada. You'll be coming back for more!

Chicken Wings in Tamarind Chipotle Sauce

These wings will "fly" off the plate! Grilled and basted in chipotle and tamarind sauce (sweet apple flavor). sweet and spicy at its finest!

Chicken Verde Enchiladas

Classic Mexican enchiladas smothered in our rich Tomatillo sauce and covered in Mexican Cheese. Our version of comfort food. The difference is in the Sauce!

One pan equals a dozen. Serves 6

JalapeƱo Beef

Slow cooked and simmered with onions, chiles and our "secret spice" we'll never tell but we guarantee you'll enjoy! Serve as a dish by itself or wrap in a warm tortilla!

Beef Enchiladas in Red Sauce

Classic Mexican Enchiladas: slow roasted premium beef with onions and spices, rolled into our homemade corn tortillas, smothered in our rich, tomato based Red Sauce and Mexican Cheese.

One pan equals a dozen. Serves 6

Chicken Enchiladas in Dos Chiles Sauce

Classic Mexican Enchiladas; smothered in our tomato based Red Sauce and covered in Mexican Cheese!

One pan equals a dozen. Serves 6

Authentic Mexican Style Seasoned Chicken

This tender and juicy mexican style seasoned shredded chicken can be used with tacos, enchiladas, tostadas and much more! If you like plain chicken without a sauce and like to add plenty of toppings this chicken is mouthwatering delisciouso!

Shredded Beef or Carne de Res Deshebrada

A superior cut of beef and some secret family ingredients makes our slow cooked shredded beef a versatile ingredient for any dish that calls for beef. It also makes a wonderful mouthwatering out of this world beef taco!

Authentic Mexican Recipes From Our Family To Yours!

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